Presentable Child

This weekend I hung out with Eddie and Eric

And Jill and Steph, shit as many people as I could

Once in a long time,a very long time

I thought my weekend was going good

But that was all ended

By one certain man

Someone who brought me into this life

Odviously it was my dad

I've recently found out that I'm not a presentable child

Because I have long hair and a mind of my own

He wants me to cut my hair but I think he's just jealous

cuz all he has is a crome dome

According to my father I should stop dressing my way,

Stop acting my way,and move out of the basement

He has also said some bullshit about

Me supposedly doing things without his consent

I know I'm just throwing down words

And it's not making much sense

But my mind is filled with so many thoughts

My head just feels so dense

Theres alot more shit

But I don't wanna talk about it

I'm about to flip

I'm alone on a sinking ship

Author's Notes/Comments: 

  This one is going all over the place and It sounds really pathetic and I know I am.

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The Other/EB's picture

who cares if you're presentable, well actualy i can kind of see his point you could dress a little better, i'm thinking suspenders holding up pants that are a minimum of 2 sizes too small, pocket pertectors, large geeky glasses (not the normal kind cause you look good in those), and to top it all off shave your head... yeah as i said i think your dad is on to something