Breathless Lungs

I felt the warmth penetrate my cheek, 

By the sun,

I eventually came to,

Seemed as though the sun was always awaiting my arrival,

Not sure what makes me different or if I imagine that I am....


Face gazed toward the sun,

My eyes slowly opened, 

there stood a blinding light,

My angel was making her appearance,

With a fist full of small, fragile fingers,

I rubbed my pale blue eyes,

Closer to me she came,


She whispered, 

I listened,

"to thee I give the gift of feeling what most human souls cannot."

"In this life there will be mourning, in this life the ashes shall blanket the ground beneath your feet."

"Sweet child, you must always remember to crawl beneath the clouds of smoke and find what gives you air, and with this air you must stay as this shall carry you through."

Her words were injected into my veins, 

I was alive and I was awake,

My sight became clear,

Sadly enough I saw the world for what it was, 

Indeed, it was as she said,

So with courage built, I took one last, deep breath and fought past the ash and zombies,

Bursting through glass walls,

Walls that kept me quarantined with the robotic dead,

I ran fast as I could stumbling from one slate stone to the next,

Thick, overgrown vines made it hard to see,

Losing hope, I begin to sing my angel's song to the very depths of my collapsing lungs,

"I will replace beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for mourning"

My body, my mind was mangled, 

but this soul is pure and this soul is blessed so I continued to sing,

Treading through quicksand, 

my footprints continuously sank into the earth below, 

The land long forgotten by it's inhabitants...

I was running out of air....

On my dark, torn path, 

God placed a light,

I saw your face through the brush,

My body and soul ran to you fragile and weak, as if you were but a mere mirage,

And then I looked into your eyes... ha, oh those eyes...


Despite my compressed timing

I swam past great depths looking into your eyes,

As if I pressed a fastfoward button in hopes of getting to my happy ending,

My deprived, shrinking lungs met the expansion in your eyes,

I was my own element of life but you... you were my air... my reginerating oxygen,

Every breath taken was created from memories of those laboring hallways and glances stolen,

Yes, cutpurse theif I became,

In your eyes I stored many stolen treasures to which were not my own, 

After all, you were just a mirage and

Your yearned beauty replaced my smoldering ashes,

thick from years of constant firefight,

In those ashes I would become another zombie, just like the rest,

Souls lost to robotic governed tactics... zombies.

In your presence, I found new strength,

Thinking I could survive I continued onward seeking my own victory,

My light at the end of the tunnel,

as if I could convince myself you weren't real, that I had imagined you.

Well, turns out, I reached the tunnel and I also found the end, it was a long journey and it feels great to be there, but what I've realized was you were the light, you were supposed to be here at the end, you were my air and with you is where I belong, not because I need you to complete me but because you are the matching elements. My fire for light and my air to fill my lungs.

Silly me,

I've been dying little by little everyday, 

When I think I'm almost gone, 

There you come, 

flying overhead,

Like an angel delivering a shock to my heart and every time my lungs fill like balloons, and every time, i'm alive again.