Tomorrow Laughs

Tomorrow laughs
full bellied and bold
clutching Today
lifeless and cold.
Its shadow a victor
no eye may behold.

It kicks Yesterday
into a corner of shame
and covers its presence
in moments unclaimed.
Tomorrow then sups up
whatever remains.

Tomorrow laughs
with swollen wide fingers
that beat a staccato
on bells and their ringers,
and the Future she smiles
save those who have seen her.

Standing full height
Tomorrow touches the sky
Sunrise's reflection
it's pale mighty eye
awake on the waters
of the oncoming tide.

Tomorrow laughs
that's its echo you hear
in the engulfing broad silences
of the Night's
layered tiers
of something approaching
that waits to appear.

Tomorrow laughs
and laughs
and laughs
and laughs
then laughs even more:
over weeping word widows
and motherless brides;
over lid welded warriors
and rich men's asides;
over babies unbundled
and swollen belly lies;
over writers and written
and lovers and sighs.

Over everything
seen, held, coddled, and clutched
Tomorrow laughs
with a grin
finger to lips, hush.

Tomorrow laughs,
as sure as leaves descend
in the Fall.
or boxes
Tomorrow laughs at us all.

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