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Mandela Inspires

I watched from afar

As a man struggled and lived

What Black American’s Today African Americans

And countless other African black dissentience people

Di-aspora wide= Live, and died,

And still suffer blacklash from today

But, --it is OK

Fairness is to exist

Yet I’m amazed, and I praise

The efforts and accomplishments

Of Mr. Mandela

His legacy=

Will continue to inspire me

For the rest of my moments


Mandela On Justice by Skitzo


To toil, struggle, and fight for rights

That could strife your lifes


And distance the measure

Between start and finish

How far would you go

To vote, to speak,

Always reaching

For justice

Righteous in the pursuit

Lock down for 27

Yes years

Double plus three in time

What Soloman Northup

Was forced to go through


Nothing in life is fair

From then to now

I frown

But the humble gentleness

Of the worlds statesman

Says.. Aut-awye

Grin, smile

Bear it, ==and yes fear it

And never allow

Such a treacherous state

To come back around

So give pause, =study, =think

Plan, replan, plant seeds

Bring forth good harvest

And cheer

Be humble

And forgive


For the salvation of your very


But maintain

Fight, struggle


For justice


 Man-Del-Ahhh!!  By skitzo





Is, was the

Majesty of Peace

From south Af-ri-ca x2

Nelson Mandela, embodied forgiveness, which is to

Humble ones spirit

And let go of past aggressions committed upon you

Gracefully seeking mutual peace which is sought by equal


For the masses not for the few




Is, was, the

Majesty of Peace

From south af-ri-ca

Worldwide black people, and even dark skinned people

Who don’t consider themselves black

Still catch flack

And even with genetic proof we really are all black, from afro DNA

At least genetically my brother Cain still be

Out to downtrodden me

Ma-aannnn-Del A

My brother, look fella, blessed and cursed like the Moor

In the story of Othella, I mean OTHELLO

You know, hating on anther cause God’s creations are so

Like black Rob coined, “WHOA!”

Varied, and beautiful like everything, every where

On this planet, and in the solar system of our sun




Is, was, the

E. Pluribus Unium, Majesty of Peace

From South Af-ri-ca, Unlike Any other ONE


Man I tell ya, I thank the creator of all the Universe

That dude




Is, was, the

Majesty of Peace from

South Af-ri-ca

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