you left

you left with out a word not even a goodbye

you said you would always be there now your gone

you told me that you would be a call away

i still need you i'm not sure what to do or say now

i feel like i lost a part of me when you went away

i only got to see you one time before you left 

never to hear your voice or see your face its going

to be rough but i will get though this i will make it i hope

i know one day i will see you again

i know that your with me where ever i go

i have the memories and times we spent together

ill always love you

ill never forget you no matter what 

its just so unreal i never thought i would lose you this soon

i always figured you would always be there and that i could count on you

like when im having problems i went to you and i could talk to you

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You Left

A lot of feeling It is from the heart. I like it...   MilMan  Cool

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Thank you 

Thank you 

jessica lynn