Mr. Perfect!


I feel as though my luck has changed

A good man has finally come my way 

I'm happier with each day that passes

He makes me light up whenever we're together

It feels so easy to just be me

He's the best man I've come across

Doesn't matter what we're at

Driving around, music blasting

Just watching him jam to his tunes

Cuddles and a movie

adventuring through the woods

Just to see where a path may lead

I know I'm lucky and I'm going to enjoy it

I truly feel special, and thats something new

Something unknown to me, never have I felt that way

But he does it, he's tunes out the negatives

Til all I see is everything good

Can picture my future and what I want it to be

Just excited to see what will come of this



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well i am happy for you

well i am happy for you