Broken Again

The others

How could you do this, Forget all we've shared
Your a liar, a fake,  pretending like you cared
When you felt nothing, it's all just so unfair
You say you love me, but then why an affair
You told me I was your everything, and you were mine
You knew what this would do, so your love I decline
I ignored the sign's because I loved you
She was my friend, A friend that I thought was true
Backstabbing whore's are all that exist
It's disgusting how, you just couldn't resist
Temptation is wrong, when you follow through
It's all just fine if you don't pursue
Ever heard of look don't touch follow the rules
And not make us loyal women into fools

thank you adam for making me like this. I hate it and hate you

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brittany, im sorry for making you this way, and in time i willl try to fix you, but this time i have to fix myself first. ill always be your queeky arbeeky, and ill never lose hope. you are perfect, and i realize what ive lost, i do. ill spend the rest of my life being there for you and gregory, making up for the pain that ive cauaed, and everynow and then theres glimmers of hope. keep writing brittany, its going to make you famous and it keeps you strong, im just sad that your best work has to be written in times of such pain, especially because the pain is my fault.