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I cant seem to escape the feeling of being lost, I've been a single mom for 7 years and I've been trying to make our lives better for most of the time... The problem is there doesnt seem to be a solution right now for me, everytime I figure one thing out I hit a wall with another.

Really the only barrier I have is the kids, but they are also the reason I want a better life, I want them to have the best life I can provide! Still thats confusing, I can work more and pay out for daycare and really not make anymore money than I make right now and if I work more we will have less time together which means less time to help them with school which I already suck at. I feel so much like a failure as a mother I canstantly believe they deserve better than me. 


I need to figure out how to let go, how to allow myself to feel the way I do and accept that its okay. I have a lot of really great things in my life and I remind myself constantly but then I feel guilty for feeling upset with my life at all there are tons of people who have far less in this world than I do. 

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time with your children will

time with your children will become the most rewarding

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Blah days are okay and so are

Blah days are okay and so are blah weeks.  Hopefully you can avoid blah years and blah decades.  nice poem.