incomplete poem


I'm the girl whose more than broken

I've been torn down quite a bit

But still I stand, just not as tall

My scars are hiden behind my beauty

The fake smile plastered on my face

It's not always a lie some times I'm truly happy

Some times the worrying stops and I just feel

And sometimes its impossible to fight off the tears

I know when I'm fighting because as my throat closes over

It tightens as I reject the feelings and starts to hurt

All because I can't stand feeling weak, it steals my speach

Because I never use to see myself like that at all

I always felt no matter what happened I was strong enough to bear


My heart will never be the same, my trust I can't find

Most of the people I've met drag me down

They stole my innocents and my belief

That some day I'd Figure it out and we'd all be fine






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makes me cry, the pain comes

makes me cry,

the pain comes with the emotion,but i will be tough

i will close my mind,my heart,even though it was torn apart