I make a mistake

I use to look into your wonderful eyes

and only wish you were glancing into mine

hoping we could be happy as a song

and that we were there for each other all along

as the cold winter air blows down my spine

i picture a time when we were divine

our hearts as one, our love so pure

but that thought it blackened, harded to the core

the frozen pond of the freezing night

presents memories of things i use to forever fight

im no longer strong or willing to try

I dont even care if I am right

I dont know how to say what dwells in my heart

and I wouldnt even know with what words to start

I made a mistake and i screwed it up

so your gone away as quickly as the sun

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love you deep down but you let me go and now im dead no longer willing to go.. I wish and thats all I can do.

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Sara Bailey's picture

Very good, it shows how much you care about this person.