Look into my sky-blue eyes

just try to picture my pain

the pain of always trying

and losing it all again

Fight with me to find

a cure for my broken heart

help me onto this path

that i should have never start

Look down the road ahead

and tell me what you see

remind me that you and I

We shall never be

End my life now

Destroy all that is left

because there is nothing good

only deep drowning dread

I now go away

far from any eyes

and bury myself in hiding

away from human eyes

I know fully understand

the truths of deep my heart

the told me that i could love

and would be happy o so far

but in the end i found

the lies of this evil game

I threw away my heart

because of its devilish plan

So now i am alone

as i knew i would be

but this time im all right

because im parted from the sea

I have banished false hopes

I have given into dread

I have lost my heart that hurt me

and stabbed me to no end!!!

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Laura Maguire's picture

I like this one,but think it's a wee bit too long.Keep it up though,it's a good piece of writing.