To my dearest Little Oak Tree

in the middle of the Amazon

with the world so high above

how do you manage grow

Banished from sunlight

Devoured in shadows

isolated from pollination

how do you survive

with only left-over nutrition

to somehow encourage

I see no reason to

attempt to sprout

looking up toward the heavens

that are clouded by vines

still you continue to grow

you suck dried ground for life

with everything against you

and the hardened earth below

you continue to fight

for your chance to grow

so to my little Oak Tree

in the middle of the Amazon

continue to strive for nutrition

and fight to live your life

beside a friend

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Benny Mills's picture

That reminds me of a shit I once took.

Sara Bailey's picture

Very good! Keep writing, I enjoy reading them!

Karyn Indursky's picture

I liked this poem a lot.