Destiny is a work that is shrouded in darkness

completely in despair, totally secret

it shatters dreams, destroys light

Release it and find no good left

Evil will rule, consume the world

leave nothing for those of us

who dream

Dreaming only hurts you

it gives you no real comfort

only a image in your mind that wont be built

why do I give myself to this

this dream, this hope

because im human

To give light to those who are without

only hurts them in the end

it rains on them with the shattered glass of hope

and opens wounds too deep to be healed

infection takes over, destroying the mind

leaving the person weak without a cry

Causing death among humans

this is how it is

in the real world

away from dreamers

Darkness, Death, and Despair

are the only real Destiny

of us



Author's Notes/Comments: 

There is no such thing as Love, its a figment of dreams. This is the Human weakness and it shall be the downfall of all who dream.

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sad, but good!