A light

As i walk down a path of darkness

i think about the choices i have made

i think about the things i have seen and done

that have brought me down this path

i look to the left and to the right

but all i see is the blackness of night

then i look ahead and see a small light

i then follow the path to the light i see

and trip among the darkness of the vast sea

as i cry out for a bit of help

i feel a hand reach down and help

lifting me up from the darkness of the world

im soon on my feet and looking forward

and looking at you, my angel of choice

i see you glowing emitting a great light

that has shown me my world like it should be

then you turn and try to fly away

but i call to you and ask you to stay

you turn and smile then fly away

then i hear you soft sweet voice,

"Your not ready for that choice"

so now i continue to walk on my path

but now i can truly say

the darkness that coved my world is gone away

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Sara Bailey's picture

very good! Keep up the good work!


Elizabeth Castle's picture

WOW!!!,this a really good poem,good job