Thank You

Walking down this dreary street

Just wondering what girl I will meet

and wondering what excuse she will have for me

so to tell me we will never be

Every time I build up hope

Im executed with a rusty dagger, hung on a blackened rope

Broken, shattered, lost in internal pain

I am paying my price for playing her game

My heart still cries for a simple hand

To walk with, to cry with, to help me understand

so with you, the girl I though we could be

I hang up myself and all my dreams

you were my last hope, my dream to be

you broke my heart

and shattered me

Thank you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You know who you are, but you dont know how i feel.

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Elizabeth Castle's picture

this one is gr8,i can really feel the feelings in this poem,gr8 job

Sara Bailey's picture

Sad! it made me cry!