I stand

I stand alone abandoned by them

I fought and pushed them to no end

I drove them away with selfish ways

I ended friendships like a seas bay

I stand alone holding this knife

I wish to have no reason for life

I look into its soul as it shimmers at me

then thudding at the door, why cant they let me be

I stand here alone blood dripping from my wrists

I watch it gush I watch it slip... wow is this really bliss

I am finally learning from my mistakes

I turn around as the door breaks

I stand here alone facing them

the ones I pushed, to no end

They came back, I knew they would

Like true friends always should

I stand here awake looking at the wall

and realize that I only day-dreamed it all.

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Benny Mills's picture

A little egocentric don't you think?

Sara Bailey's picture

I will always be a friend, and no matter what, I'll always will be there, in a time of need!