listen to you heart, thats what they all say

but how do you know, if this be the day

sitting on your bed, wishing to the heavens

to find the answer, the answer to love's question

deeply you wish, o so deeply you cry

you cant find your answer, you wish to just die

The Rising Sun, the Red Rose

Is it true? can love still be composed?

you look in her soul, through her Perfect eyes

you see she wants, She wants your love

pick up the courage, release the Dove

you see your answer, clear as day

so give it a chance, let go... of yesterday

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Jesc Knobluach's picture

this is so true, and well written. i like it, a lot.

Jillian Camtasia Carver's picture

If only I too could let go of yesterday.. I like your pattern here, the rhyme one and I like how some words are capitalized and some aren't. I really think it's interesting and adds something.. Thanks for commenting on my poem...