The Love of my Life

You are the fire of my heart

and You have given me a start

You have lighten my way

and have given me a reason to stay

Everything that is right in my life

Has come from Your soul's might

I look into Your hazel eyes

and am happy that your only mine

Through ever argument and fight

You can always make it all right

You hold my hand and kindly say

That love will make it happen in its own way

You tell me not to worry, You tell me not to cry

That through all the darkened times we will fly

Our love will defeat death and pain

and always allow us to win any game

So through it all we shall fight

and be protected by our heart's might

and stay as one me and You

Because I love You, and You love me too

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Jonathan Estep's picture

Wow man!...Wonderful piece...Keep up the good work.

Paige Foster's picture

nice skills... you have quite the poetic heart... I wish I could find a guy like you.

Sara Bailey's picture

Wonderful, I love this one. You are a wonderful writter! Keep on writting.


Benny Mills's picture

This reminds me of an Elton John song. The homosexual influence is staggering.