Who is she?

Who is she?

There she is again

wallowing in reckless shame.

In the dreary pit of her hell,

she is blinded by her tears.

Looking up to god for an answer

the cold acidic rain

sloshes in her open wounds

like a fish out of water

she is gasping, for one last breath

her heart, broken with pain

shutters with a stabbing beat

she rolls onto the ground

her hair covers her mouth

her wounded hands grap for some life

then fall motionlessly to the ground

destroyed by grief

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Sara Bailey's picture

Keep up the good work!

Dez H's picture

again, i love the images your words so perfectly create! how do you come up with the perfect descriptions like "shutters with a stabbing beat"? i love it!

Benny Mills's picture

Beautiful! I've never heard a prostate problem described so lovingly.