A Boy

Looking up into the murky sky

I felt the rain, as begin to fall from the heavens

then out of no where, a boy appears

On the mound of Red Roses

he held a great White staff

he looked down at me

and took a moment to search my soul

So I look into his eyes, blue and pure

and got the feeling that I did not need to know more

he walks toward me and took a moment

then stretched his hand, out to help

I reach up, to take his hand

and then he vanished, as quickly as he appeared.

but at my feet, he left a note

that said

"Its your life,

take control."

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Jesus Pagan's picture

This is true poetry even for me, you use great imagery here.

Sara Bailey's picture

Keep up the good work!


Benny Mills's picture

This is bullshit.