Death is my morning

Death is my night

Death is the feeling I feel every night

Death is the rain falling from the skys above

Death is a song that is always sung

Death is a books' pages fill with pain

Death is my story not some childish game

Death is all around me taking away my love

Death is a pathway, going to the sea

Death is the feeling of a softball game

Death is your words created by hate

Death is my thoughts boiled in pain

Death is this

Death is that

Death is everything good and bad

Death is my love

Death is my song

Death is me... and Death is gone

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Jeff Yeager's picture

Burton, you are slowly progressing into a great poet. I know you well and this poem inspires room for a lot of thought. The rhythm using the metaphors was exceptionally powerful. Death is all around us, and it slowly eats away at our core. Wonderful job, keep up the masterful work.

Sara Bailey's picture

Wonderful Job!


Benny Mills's picture

Are you calling Matt Shifflett death?