Dancing Orchids


The lonesome leaks as tears from the eyes, while I burn for our touch.

The sweet ecstasy of our lips caressing, meeting in a passionate kiss of great depths.

The longing for you is epic enough to bog the mind with sorrow.

The ache of missing us blurs sleep and weakens the days until night steals me away.

Into dreams of us.

Together, doing what we do best.  Love and longing dancing like orchids in the desolate breeze.

All that I am, all that I can be, all that I will be- is for you and all that is left of the tired Spirit, I give to you.

The fading embers of what use to be my fire, dying and asking you to burn us deep into a new life.

Tonight, I long for you as I always will until we are together.

Dancing as orchids in a warm breeze of summer.

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