The Dark Seam

Short Stories

The Dark Seam


   There is a tailored made looking seam of darkness that runs along the woods at night in my backyard. I cannot see into it and most nights I have tried hard. My imagination runs wild and away with me, when I hear those blood curdling skin shivering sounds coming from things I cannot see. Those soulless unrepentant screams that fill the air, sound like the sounds from Hell when Satan is not there.


   One night those woods had a draw on me like the Moons gravitational pull the way it pulls the waves to the shore when it is full. I went down to that seam of darkness and wiggled my toe in. It felt so cold and lonely and still from the lack of wind. Little by little, I shimmied the rest of my body into the dark. I tried to light a match with my shaky hand but got no spark. I warily walked deeper into the cavernous woods startled by every little sound. That is when I saw something that I wish I had never found. Ahead of me a few feet away was a light blended with mist hovering by a tree. Then from within it a deep macabre voice started to talk to me.


   I said with a voice that sounded like a boy that is in the middle of his voice changing, "Why don’t you show yourself if you are so mean?"

The voice said proudly, "I am often heard but never seen".


   It then said, "You have nothing to fear do not be so meek. You have only found what you did seek. I will give you everything, an unlimited stream of money, stratospheric fame and women hotter than the suns hottest flame. You will have tastier food than any you have ever had before. Everything you have always wanted you will not do without anymore. Anything you want you merely have to wish for and it you will own. All your troubles and pains will be gone. There are only two things I ask for and they are nothing I am sure you will agree. One just give me artistic control and two just bow down in front of me."


   I thought for a few minutes then I asked, "What about true love? Can you give me that too?"


   The voice said, "No. Love is something I cannot do."


   Then I said, "All you have offered is more than any man could dream for, but true love can do so much more. It can make you happier than fame or money. It can make any dark rainy day sunny. It gives you something and somebody else to live for too. True love can give me more and do more than you could ever do. I will NOT bow down to you or give you artistic control. Only true love can ever have my heart and soul!"


   At that moment came from the lighted mist a howling horrifying yell like I had never heard before. I knew I should not be there anymore. So I turned and ran as fast as my feet would go. I ran out of those menacing woods toward my house’s lights glow. I only quickly glanced back once behind me. Two red-hot charcoal glowing looking eyes is all I did see. As I reached the seam of darkness, I thought I had finally gotten away. That is when I fell on my face and felt cold ground below me where I lay. I started to crawl toward my backyard into the light. My fingernails scraping dirt as I crawled with all of my might. I felt a demonic feeling claw grab my ankle but I shook it off hard. Nothing was going to keep me from getting back to my backyard. I finally got half my body over the line. Tonight I would not be in the dark woods when the creatures dine. I slowly got to my feet and staggered into my house. I thought to myself that night I had tempted fate and narrowly escaped the same outcome as Faust.


   Some nights now when I feel those woods strong pull on me. I think how if I had made a different decision how things now would be. I do not regret it I know I made the right choice. True love will come my way one day and on that day I will rejoice.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my first attempt at writing a short (very short) story.

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Thank you very much!

I enjoyed it as much as if it were a living or a movie

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Thank you Anita

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Sleepy, this took me on a

Sleepy, this took me on a ride. Kept me the whole way. Hold out for true love!

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Healing your comment means a lot to me :)