This Time Tomorrow

This Time Tomorrow


Funny what life can do to you


Make you doubt what’s true


Why I am even here


Monday I will catch a train


When I do, I won’t feel the pain


No one will see me off


By this time tomorrow


No more pain or sorrow


It will all be gone


What I truly held dear


Has already gone from here


What’s one more in the scheme of things?


There’s no need to worry about me


I’m just hurrying what is meant to be


Just cutting out the middle man


It is the least that I could do


Just making things easier for you


How else will you see my love is real?

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Sleepy... it's been sooo long

Sleepy... it's been sooo long since I've seen you. Nice to read you again!

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Thanks Healing

Thanks Healing :)  I have been working on a couple new books and have them published now. One a poetry book and another a sci-fi book.