Another Scene

Another Scene

Let’s break through to another scene

Lets me and you dare to dream

Lets me and you take a chance

Not be locked in place by circumstance

  • There’s a big world out there for us to see

    Being apart is not our destiny

    The good times we would have far outweigh

    The gradual pain we feel every day

  • Let’s light the night with our internal fire

    We’ll simmer in the smoke of our own desire

    Let’s walk the night with the stars overhead

    We’ll make making love our daily bread

  • You and me being us would be so grand

    Let’s quit playing it safe and break our bands

    Let’s make love until we both scream

    Let’s break through to another scene

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    Thank you Healing :) you are to kind :)

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    I like this poem Sleepy.

    I like this poem Sleepy.

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