Passing Time

Passing Time

In the back of my mind

I feel the passing of time

It passes faster every day

  • It spins on like a top

    It I cannot stop

    It just keeps passing away

  • Every morning a new hurt bone

    I must have slept wrong

    I can barely move

  • Walking more crooked every day

    Forgetting what I want to say

    Can no longer find my groove

  • Every day getting closer to the end

    Further away from where I did begin

    Where has all the time gone

  • Every day it is always the same

    As time washes my life down the drain

    How much more time to spend alone?

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    Thanks for reading and the comment Healing and thanks for the hug :)

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    I like this poem sleepy.

    I like this poem sleepy. Sorry you were feel alone. Hugs...

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