Last Love Ghost

Last Love Ghost

Alone again on this cold acrid night

Everyone else out doing their delight

All around couples holding each other close

While I sit here hugging my last love ghost

Feelings never end even after they die

Tears never end no matter how many you cry

My heart is stuck in the freezer you left it in

The flames of Hell could not thaw it out again

A desolate soul trapped in a shell of a man

Caught in the dark trying my best to understand

Why do you not love me the way I love you?

How can you just move on easily as you do?

How could you leave me so effortlessly behind

With the ghost of your love haunting my mind

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Thanks for reading

Thank you for reading and the comment Dove :)

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thanks Healing I am glad to see you again :)

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Aw... this is sad sleepy. :'(

Aw... this is sad sleepy. :'( Hope you are feeling better. Keep writing, it does a soul good. :)

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