One night I reached for the blade

Thinking what a comfort it would be

But then I thought about the blood

That had already been spilled for me

Lashes from whips on Jesus

On Jesus’ head a crown of thorns

Jesus spilled His blood for me

Thousands of years before I was born

Torture nails

And a pierced side with a spear

Spilling His blood for me

Before I was even here

Through the blood and through the pain

What is it that Jesus did say

“Father, forgive them they know not

What they do this day”

How could he forgive those that had

Just done Him in

After spilling His blood

To wash away their sin

  • Now tonight instead of the blade

    I reach for God’s book to read

    To remind me of the blood Jesus spilled

    So I no longer have to bleed

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    Thanks Ginny

    Thanks for reading Ginny and commenting :)

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    Job well done.

    Job well done.