Life In An Electric Chair

Life In An Electric Chair

I sit in the middle of a room

There is only darkness all around

Through the window I can not see

I hear voices that are singing

Singing that old Don't Do This Too hymn

Somebody stands me up and walks me down the dark hallway

In front of me stands a big metal door

On each side of me I hear voices crying

Please don't let me be the next one

As I step through the door I see

The strapping chair they sit me in

In front of me I see the ghost faces

The faces of all those I have done wrong

Some are screaming

It's about time

Others sit and stare in painful silence

As they put the dark cloth over my eyes

I think of my past

All the things I should and shouldn't have done

Suddenly a jolt of energy runs through my body

And I can think no more

I feel the skin melt from my bones

As the smoke fills the air aloft

And my brain turns to mush

My last thought is I have finally escaped my pain

But then

I suddenly awake in the middle of a room

With only darkness all around

As it all starts over again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this based on a Twilight Zone episode.

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Thank you for reading and the comment Cactus :)