Secrets Of my Heart

Lost Love

Guess I should have said I loved you,
While my love was still fresh and new.
Instead of leaving you to guess the secrets of my heart,
Should've said you meant everything,
Instead af letting you think you meant nothing.
But I hid my secret too well.
I cared too deeply, I cared too long,'
I refused to believe it until you were gone.
Now I am a broken woman.
I'm a shadow of who I have always been,
A broken heart never to be whole again,
But I have no one to blame but myself,
I said I loved you as you walked out the door,
I said it softly but my dreams crumbled on the floor,
If I could take it all back I would.
You didn't know the secrets in my heart,
I hid them from the very start.
I thought you were too young,
I was ashamed to love you.
I thought you could never really love me too.
I thought no one would understand us.
So I swore my heart's secret I would keep,
I would remain silent and hide my love deep,
And when the newness wore off and you saw me as I am,
Then I would set you free,
Afterall, I didn't believe you could love me,
For my secrets so dark,
My heart was weak, my love so wrong
I should've said I loved you,
When my love was freash and new,
Instead I let you leave without ever knowing the secrets of my heart.

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