Fairy Tale

Lost Love

And so alone I face the world,
My dreams now shattered, my hope all gone,
I dared to dream and for that I paid.
I'd hoped you were Mr. Right, but you ended up Mr. Wrong.
I only have myself to blame,
It's my fault I sit here and cry,
I dared love what wasn't mine,
Now it's come time to say goodbye.
You walked out with my heart,
There's so much left to say,
There's "I love you and I miss you!"
But most of all, "I wish you wouldn't go away."
And so I face the world, a broken woman,
Trying to put my life back together again.
I never should have needed you,
Now I only have myself in the end.
You were too good to be my Prince Charming.
Our story no fairy tale,
For, love it's a game,
And in the end I always fail!

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