I don't want to make the mistakes I've made so many times before,
I don't want to fall in love
Only to watch as you walk out the door.
I don't want to make you my everything,
To give up my dreams and hopes-
Only to end up with nothing.
I don't want to hurt when this ends,
Or cry when all is done,
I want to smile as new hope begins,
In your arms I want to know a love so right,
In my heart I want a smile,
But most of all I want to feel treasured and loved each night.
You leave me wanting more,
But you also leave me happy,
I can't ask for much more.
In your eyes I found my lost dreams,
The road I hope will lead home,
I need you like peaches need their cream
I want to be your everything,
I want to be your heart and soul,
But part of me feels I am nothing.

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