A Million And One

Lost Love

My heart is empty,
My soul is lost,
I can't cry another tear-I've already cried a million.
I feel my dreams fading away,
Dark storm clouds threaten to ruin my day.
I'm down again, this time I don't know why,
All that should be happy is not,
I find myself missing you,
I find myself longing for you by my side.
I told you I didn't love you, but I lied.
Of this sadness I long to be free.
I long for open fields and blue skies,
I never wanted to hurt you, but we've grown apart,
I find you fading from my heart.
This makes me sad,
I know good-bye is on it's way,
It sits just around the corner and waits.
Patiently waiting with it's knife,
Slowly stabbing my soul of it's life,
My heart is empty- my love lost,
I feel my dreams fading into darkness,
I know I'll miss you, but I must let go,
I've cried a million tears, make that a million and one,
Love was a game, and in the end, niether of us won.

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