Like A Wolf

Lost Love

Eyes staring hungering in the night,
Teeth that bite, claws to rip apart flesh,
Deep in the woods she stalks her prey,
This is where the mighty wolf hunts and plays.
How like the wolf we all are,
Stalking our every heart's desire.
Preying upon the lonely and weak-
In search of all we so selfishly seek.
Just a shadow in the dark,
A dying rose in your garden of doom.
A ghost whispering in fright.
Questioning your sanity and if it'll ever be right.
Dreams lie broken in the road,
A heart shattered on the way to freedom.
Hopes smashed like a deer in the headlights,
Faith lies dead, covered with dirt and grim,
Trust stolen by a crime.
You showed me your teeth, and ripped me apart with your claws.
I was just a dying rose in your garden of doom,
All that stood in your way between you and all your heart so selfishly seeks,
How like the wolf you are, preying upon the lonely and weak.

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