The Door

Lost Love

There you were,

As if no time had ever passed at all,

As if my heart had never been broken,

You thought I'd greet you with open arms-

But my hatred runs deep.

You acted as though,

No angry words were ever said.

No lies were ever told,

No hearts ever betrayed.

Did you really think I could forgive you?

After all the hell you put me through?How can I make you see?

That I've put you in my past?

I've moved onto better things now,

Picked up the pieces of my once shattered heart and started over fresh.

I will never allow you back into my heart.

So please:

Just turn around and leave,

Go back home to your wife,

Let me go on with my life,

I've worked too hard to find happiness again,

When I opened my door there you were,

Like a nightmare come true,

You pretended like only hours instead of years had passed.

But I'll never forgive you for all the pain you gave me when you walked out the door.

The only thing I can say now is please go away,

For I'll never open the door to my heart to you again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written after my ex-husband tried to come back to me

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