What Right

Lost Love

What right do you have to happiness?

As I sit and cry?

What right do you have to love again?

While inside I die?

We were supposed to be one for life.

Together till death did us part,

Forever as husband and wife,

But you broke our vows.

Now you're making the same promises to another,

Will you break her heart too?

Will you cheat and lie like you did to me?

Will you make all her nightmares come true?

What right do you have to live again?

Live free of heartache and sorrow?

When each day all I do is wish for my end-

Knowing only at my end will I hurt no more.

I have no right to love you still,

You left me with only heartache and pain,

You took away my right to laugh and smile-

Some days I wonder if I'm going insane,

No more are you my husband, or, I your wife-

Now she has taken my place,

What right do you have to live your life?

While I slowly die of a broken heart?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About my ex-husband getting remarried

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