Picture of Innocence

Lost Love

Look of love in his eyes,
Her heart races with excitement.
What lies in their future?
Happily ever after was just around the corner.
Or so they thought that day.
She dreamed of a little family,
And a big white house,
He dreamed of other women,
Couldn't face life as an adult.
Perhaps it was her fault,
For marrying someone she only thought she knew.
Perhaps it was his fault,
For marrying at such a young age.
He left her heartbroken,
Started a family with another woman-
And never once looked back.
She blamed her self for so long.
Never knowing she wasn't at fault.
He tore her world in two.
Leaving only a picture of their wedding day.
But pictures can't tell the future,
They can only capture the moment.
And no moment can ever mean  more, than the one right after "I do"
Picture of innocence.
Look of love shining so bright.
She dreamed of a family.
He dreamed of other women. Her heart raced with excitement,
His heart was untrue.
But he shattered her dreams with just one word,
When less than a year later he whispered "Divorce."

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