The Wait

"The Wait"



It’s him and I in the ring


But I already lost that fight

To be your Mr. Right


His prize is the key to your heart

Leaving me homeless with a shopping cart


You ask that I wait

While your feelings for him elevate


But what am I waiting for?

The key to the door…


You already rented your heart out

Do I simply wait until you and him fail then you get him to move on about?


They say if you really want it, it’s worth the wait

But even if I know it’s never going to happen, cause it’s too late?


You and him can epically fail,

But you forget that there is always one that tries to continue to tale


Out of a million points, I wonder where I stand

You will never let me know and I will never understand


I want to wait for you

I really do


But I won’t always be a free agent

You’ll wonder where my feelings went


Because it’s just like the oil in a car

You haven’t driven it cause it’s sitting, but you got to change it cause it turned to tar


You say that you are confused

But eventually that will become overused


What must I do to be on top?

Do I need to be an asshole or forceful like a cop?


So much time and money on you I’ve already dedicate

I just pray that at the end it’s worth the wait

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sucks that the girl you like is confused on who to be with.

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The end is worth the wait, so

The end is worth the wait, so just hang in there, thank's for being my friend