Who Am I?

Am I my past?




Do my parents determine who I am?

The world?




Am I just a collection of flesh and experiences?


Am I born when I wake?

And do I die when I fall asleep?


Does it not matter?

But if it doesn’t matter than why do I feel as if does?


This conflict inside me

Two opposing forces in one body

There is no victor

No end

To live is to fight

And to fight is to die


Poetry to please another

Poetry to ease my pain

Poetry to ensure my eternity


For if no other reads or benefits from my words

Words will still be words

They will not end

Never die


Words are like rocks created by flames

I am but a small flame

I will die

But rocks remain


Words will stand where I cannot

Words will attest to who I am

My Legacy




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Yep. Like your works. Look

Yep. Like your works. Look forward to your future posts.

Copyright © morningglory

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I'll have to look up some of your's when I have the time:)

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There's a lot to sift

There's a lot to sift through... hope you come across something you like. I do understand about time... it's can be hard to find it sometimes.

Copyright © morningglory

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Great words

I just touched some rocks you left behind


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Thanks for the feedback! 

Thanks for the feedback! 

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I could turn that to music by

I could turn that to music by the way...

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you did a good job on this.

*Runs away because im a dinosaurs raor hehe sorry im verey wierd XD*

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Thanks, I appreceate the

Thanks, I appreceate the feedback!