This is Love

Water dripped and echoed to my soul, and I felt a beautiful expansion which followed with my steps. It brought me to my ecstacy... and I breathed out. I realized I was in the Koi Pond. I looked up at the skies and found incredible and tremendous ways to seek the soaring justice. Around me was my beautiful arabesque which I longed to paint. Time was beautiful as ever, but I dared not to meet him just yet. I met myself in the mirror of the numb and growing pond. I spazzed out all of the sudden and my people abandoned me. I returned to my halo garden and realized it was all me, even what I realized before. It was all me. I ran with myself across the streets to go on a Boba date. We ate sushi along the way. Wow! Anisah got it from many cosmos before. Rain started falling and I scattered, covering myself from the befall of myself. My heavens clefted asunder. Home, I want to return to you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my heart.

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