Their Call

I was in my wedding dress, and I began walking towards the pond. The spotlights and dim, welcoming me. I pass down a beautiful field of Orchid grass as I roll towards a festive tent protected by the golden Mandala. Muslims greet me well, dressed in full colors. Some have already prostrated til they repented into grass. They put on a show for me. It ended as it began. Birds became angels, flying in erotic rows, as I entered the grande skies. As I lied there in my floating coffin, over the koi pond, I smelled the scent of beautiful flowering food. I walked out of my coffin, skipping through my stones. The fellow friends of mines take me to the mall as we settle to eat there. After we eat, I head over to my heavenly garden. I follow him to the clouds of time in a sacred area. I run with him through the fields of hearts. He gifts me a red box. I open it to see a scarlett love letter and a pair of ruby gloves. He is eager to ask for my hand in marriage. We become a couple.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Walking to my pond.

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