Withered Face (It was not your day)


I peeked at the sky
Through my tiny peephole
Only a small fraction of what is done
Under the sky, under the sun
I saw angels with swords
They pierced the heart of a human from planet earth
Another forgotten number on the book of ghosts
He appeared without thought
One afternoon he was gone
Ramming bitterness, raging anger, cascading tears
All experienced with such a fear
All experienced in a thin razor space of time 

The wrapping wood of demise
Hugging its body for his last ride
Your fading life in front of our eyes
Crying babies , wounded soldiers
All fighting for a shot at life
Your fading smile, nonexistent trials
Your neutral faces through the glass
You withered in people´s lives
We can only hope your essence stays intact
In people’s minds, in people´s hearts
It was not your day, they made a mistake
A confounded variable in their flawed human heist


RIP- Marlon

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tecnowiz's picture

Wow.. your really good, I

Wow.. your really good, I wish I was half as good as you.

Avantgarde's picture

Yeaaah right, but thanks

Yeaaah right, but thanks though Im pretty sure ur really good also, I want to read some more of your poems.

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