Another's Eyes

In a slumber up I rise

Dreams journey I do climb

Into the body of who some see as divine

His eyes I adopt as mine………

I remember this land when I was young

My father tended fields that were green and some

People said to me that I would succumb

To be the ruler of these people and be number one

Now I’ve oil and sand and a barren waste

Invaded by some poachers with a foreign face

They tried to take my foundations and they left a taste

Of death and destruction all over this place

I pray to my god for strength in time of war

I say to my people we are worth fighting for

I am proud and full of passion. I do all for my land

And some heads they have to roll if they cross the line in my sand

For my rep among the people tops, beside me they must stand

My army we will win, it will be so grand

Christians and Muslims and Hindu and such

Harmony together, I don’t think that much

Of unity and mixing no one should touch

A segregated world. That is my kind of patch

I will triumph. The world bows down to me

I’ll take on all comers just you wait and see

They think that my aggression is all about my oil

But I’m only being the protector of my father’s soil

Keep your plunder from my party I fear you’ll spoil

The greatest ruler of this country. The rightful royal

I’ve wives and children and other ones to protect

We band and love together. A great national sect

So don't try to tell me my place for I seem to detect

That I have all and you have nothing. I invite you to defect

Its such a pity. You don’t see me as I am

Stay out of my city. You test this patient man……….

His eyes they showed a perspective new

His thoughts are shared by a faithful few

Time will tell if he is honest and true

I am sure Saddam loves his children too…..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Even the bad guys have a good perspective of themselves

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Bonnie Higgins's picture

WOW! Wonderful work