Breathing Life into them

How do we cope when the clapping goes to a whisper?

I gave them my all, now I am left all alone

They were carried by my presence, every brother every sister

Now their adoration is a fading to a distant tone

It took so much of all that I had to breathe life into their air

Could they have saved a few breaths to give back to me?

They never thought of what happens. They seemed to not care.

They were gone. My emptiness they did not see

The life, the spirit of life sees them dance to them self

They continue to flow and prosper and undertake

All that we all need to consume life’s wealth

Dance with me for yours and my sake

We all know how to take, few know how to give

But it takes effort to learn and understand

That the one, me, needs you to help me live

You can choose whether you see my outstretched hand

”Hey, take me with you” to the next one who breathes

I would like to be the receiver in this game

But I know your answer, you are almost like thieves

There is no love or warmth in small fame

So, I will continue to give because that is just me

And maybe someone will see me, I hope

For the day will come when I will stop breathing life into them

Then we will see how they cope!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Enough said!!

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