This must be it,

The words escape me,

And all I have left are Tsunami waves after waves of


All about you,

All about me,

All about us.

I've heard expressions:

"We fit like a hand in glove."

"We're two peas of the same pod."

Yet I searched for it,

And I exhausted myself without reward.

This must be it.

I think about our future all the time,

Not that the now isn't heaven, it is,

And I'd be glad to think about our past but the best is yet to come.

I just go to take pen in hand and I'm stuck.

I think forward,

I think backward,

I think about now,

And all I seem to get is a


This must be it.

You are like the burning bush in my life,

You are constant fire, but don't consume anything.

You give and give,

And somehow, you must fill your own self up by giving,

Because I never see you down.

I never see you hurting.

I never see you sad.

At least not for too awfully long.

Your loving me is like one of Jesus Disciple's

Who prays without ceasing.

You love a lifetime in that second between the exhale and inhale, when one's not technically breathing.

"Your love amazes me."  How trite to write,

But it is true.

I Love the way that you Love me,

Simply because you found out how I needed to be loved, and did it.

This must be it.

All I want to do is Love you for half of what you love me,

Because if I can do that,

I would have accomplished a miracle.

A miracle because I think you have to be an angel to start with.

A miracle because I am only human and can only do so much.

A miracle because HALF would take ten times what I think I can do.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

True Love escapes words, floods the imagination, empowers the weak, triumphs over the merciless, anoints the sick at heart and carries on as if never having lost a thing.

Thank you my sweet, Evette.

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