My foolish heart,

Got so tore up,

Made me a wreck from the floor up,

Those rumors weren't just little lies or empty words

It was nothing but the truth, and yes I have heard

All those trifling fibs filled with deceit,

How you held her tight while you were making promises to me.

My foolish heart,

Thought it needed protected.

I thought you were the one,

But now I've redirected.

You left me standing alone,

I didn't think I could survive on my own

I've built this heart a house, made it a home,

Wondering how from the pain I found growth.

My foolish heart,

Wanted to believe,

You were everything I could ever need.

No one has hurt me like you,

Not because you were anything great,

But because I wanted to believe, I let myself get played.

My foolish heart,

Cries out no more, no more

It's got too many scars

Never again will I let myself sink that far.

My foolish heart,

The next time it wants to play,

My mind will remind it,

And say, "No way."

We've been there before,

On love we're gonna shut the door.

My foolish heart

Hates the quiet inside,

And it's love seeps through cracks in the floor.

I don't want to let another in,

But with that crazy smile of yours, I begin,

To think of the possibilities,

My soul hurts so bad it fiends.

My foolish heart,

Bursts through my minds locks,

Forever flowing, it just can't stop.

Don't take my words light,

You better treat me right.

Come gentle and slow, not like a thief,

And maybe my heart will open and give you a peak,

Of this greatness inside,

The depth of my mind,

And show you, for real,

That you'll never be able to live, Without this girl.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just ain't got time for the bullshit.

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