She forgives,

Beyond the deep wounds I have inflicted from my injustices.

How can she love,

When my actions have gouged into her heart

Like the widening earth of the Grand Canyon.

It is not the salty spray of the ocean that has stung her eyes

It is my infidelity,

That has flung acid into her sight.

I know that forgiveness and condemnation is not mine...

It is her choice.

But I know that I will never be good enough for her...

Yet she loves.

I want to caress her cheek,

To wipe her tears away.

It won't be like waves that caress the shore,

But like a wave that takes an eternity to reach the shore.

I want to kiss her lips,

To reassure her that I do love her.

It won't be like a returning home,

But I'll have a feeling of how this woman has became a ghost...

Just slipping through my fingers.

I want to hold her heart in my hands,

To be gentle, yeilding, sincere, loving,

But it will be like a hot coal,

Because I will never have that opportunity again.

She says I am forgiven,

But she will not forget.


Absolutely not.

Rather than see this relationship as half empty,

I am determined to nurture it,

Seeing it's potential as only half fulfilled.

She is only in my midst for a short while,

And I want to do so much...

Not just physical,

But to listen with a glad heart,

A reserved heart...for only her secrets,

With sealed lips...to gain her trust.

I want so much,

Maybe I should want patience,

And wait for her to want me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

She loves, she nurtures, in spite of all my iniquity and sin...she still chooses to love.  Maybe I have just needed time to GROW into this life with her...and I pray that I'll be with her the way I've wanted to for so long.  It may not happen like that, but I will take what she can give. EWB

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