Don't look through me,

Past me!  

Far off into the distance,

When I tell you I want to be in you.

I don't want sex,

Not even what sex can sometimes bring,

It's more than cuddling and intimacy.

I want to be in you,

Like the air in your lungs,

The brown pigment in your skin,

Like the blood in your vessels.

I want to be in you,

Like the salt that is in the ocean,

Like silica in a glass frame,

Like chlorophyl in a plant.

I want to be in you,

resting and nesting.

I want to be in you,

Like ink in a pen,

Like light in a bulb,

Like air in a hot air balloon.

I want to be in you,

Like the bones of your body,

Like the endless chocolate centers of your eyes,

Deeper than the thoughts in your mind.

Can't you see,

I want to be in you,

And I can't.

I'm not a nut case,

I'm not flakey around the edges,

I do have my marbles,

And I'm frustrated.

No matter how close I get,

By none of my power will I ever be in you.

That's why sex is only a communion of sorts,

It's just the sharing of a meal.

And I don't want to share a meal...

I am so jealous of your children,

They got to be in you,

But I'm not asking you to be my mother.

I just want to know what it was like

To be in you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yesterday, I officiated a wedding...and this was my inspiration.  It may lack poetic graces but more than makes up for it in context.  I LOVE EVETTE MASON, she is my life...and always will be.

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