"Unbutton my shirt."


I undo each button under my fingertips.

Then, gently,

I remove her blouse enough to reveal,

The silky outline of her bra.

Overcome with desire,

Overcome with need,

I tremble on the inside,

While I gently kiss the top of her breasts,

Up her neck,

Over to her mouth,

And I become wet just from the delight.

Then, my eyes open and I'm looking into hers.

"Did I say you could do that?"

I nearly choke, and gasp.

After clearing my throat,

I must have sounded like a child,

"Uhm, Ahem, may I?"  I smiled.

Coyly, she replies, "Yes."

"And the green flag comes out and we are under way."

Some stupid announcer must have announced in my head.

Because I wasted no time in getting comfortable.

I'm usually soft,

Sensual and nearly shy.

But Tracy YOU ARE different.

You gave me more than a go ahead,

You wanted and craved as much as I did.

I relive that night often,

When it doesn't lend me to trouble.

I think of, "Man I'm out of shape."

I could kiss you,

Caress you,

Touch you...All night long.

Because of you,

I want to have surgury,

So I can add...

Four or five extra mouths,

And Six extra hands.

I don't just want to please you over and over...

I want to you to clutch the sheets in your fists,

Scream into the sheets,

I want you to beg me to stop,

But I won't--you wouldn't be too far away,

From that big release all women are scared of.

"Stop, please don't, I'm going to pee."

It's a sensation one feels,

When so much stimulation gets the internal muscles to spasm.

By all accounts,

It's much more than a G-spot orgasm.

If done right,

It's the simultaneous release from both...

The G-spot and a clitoral orgasm,

Resulting in female ejaculation.

I'm going to get you, Tracy, my love.

I'm going to be more than your best friend,

But your new teacher.

I'm going to give your hours of homework,

Don't worry, you'll be my favorite pupil,

And I know you won't let me down.

Before you know it,

You'll have graduated,

And we'll frame the torn sheets,

That you shredded when your body convulsed.

When every inch of your being couldn't resist anymore.

You must remember,

I am the Tiga' from Niga.

And I'm not a man eater for nothing.

So, keep your emergency numbers handy,

Prepare to black out,

From the Le Petit Morte,

Cuz' this is one ride,

You can't afford to miss.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

TR, how's that?

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