Imagining through the sililoquies of her voice,

I am transcended to choirs of angels and archangels.

Her look is not to see me,

But view through me,

To capture every essence of me as if she enters my mouth,

Going through my lungs seeping like honey

Into my blood stream,

Shooting snapshots of all the wonders of my heart.

She saw the brokeness, the trials, the tribulations,

And raptures of delight.

Scars and sores,

And yet, still healthy muscles pumping.

She passes through all of me,

Never deviating a second,

Just to take me in...tomorrow is never a guarantee.

This may be her one time to climb inside of me,

Wrap herself up in my skin.

And feel all my vulnerability and hope.

When God made this woman,

Who's eyes peirce every brick of every wall,

Without the rapture of violent dismantlement,

He said,

"You will have many names in an earthly world,

But in my heart you will be named CONSTANCE...

For you run your races driven,

You are gentle like the wind,

But persevere without hesitation of thoughts of doubt.

You are relentless,

Bold without being fierce or menacing.

The moon and stars lie in your hands,

And the sun rests on your shoulders.

You bring to everyone who lives,

The light of day,

The cool of night.

Your reliability and accountability are flawless,

You ARE Constance."

So like the wind,

You have blown over my sandy beaches...

And where most leave heavy tracks on the shore,

You have caressed me with salty mist.

The most genteel of ways to touch me,

Without changing my landscapes.

And when I am with you,

When your eyes lock onto mine,

I am motionless, I cannot escape your gaze,

As if I am paralized

Until you are finished with whatever eager inspection

You have deemed necessary.

However, I never felt threatened.

And just when I think I can leave your presence,

You are coming and going in my mind.

Like a Holy Prayer Vigil,

You are there...

There to see my glory,

There to see my weakness,

There without judgement,


You are my Angel Constance,

I cannot escape into the night,

Or find rest in the day,

Because you are always there...

In all forms, all shapes, all ways, all words, all things.

Under my skin and in the air.

You ARE wherever I go.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my most beautiful love, TR.  Let's hope this is something that lasts a mighty, mighty long time.

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